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My passion is energy
My love is life itself
My joy is the journey
My peace is in my belief
My sanctuary is my studio
My harmony is a combination of them all

Onion Therapy
Intuitive Life Coaching


The body is a vessel of abundant knowledge. Understanding this knowledge is the key to optimum good health. As a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and a Metaphysical Consultant I am able to interpret this knowledge by using a combination of my intuitive ability and my education. Sharing this interpretation with my client now creates insight, awareness and understanding of the how and where stress has created a weakness in their body. This stress may present itself via pain, injury, illness or disease on any one or more levels: mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. Often this awareness is all the information we need to create harmony and balance. For some, though, we need to add physical bodywork such as reiki, reflexology, massage, visualization, meditation, aromatherapy etc. The physical bodywork helps to provide maximum relaxation that in turn allows the body to go into homeostasis or balance. When the body allows balance it is then allowing itself to release the negative promoting healing on whatever layer or many layers that may have been affected. This unique combination has come to be known as my signature session Onion Therapy.

Many of us fail to remember to take time out for ourselves to find a balance of health and happiness on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. As Practitioner and Proprietor of The Pickled Onion Wellness Studio, I strive to help promote and maintain a healthier and happier body, soul and environment for my clients. It is my guarantee at the end of a session you will always leave feeling at least one or two layers lighter.

People who have benefited from a session at the Studio or via the telephone include:

  • accountant
  • administrator
  • artist
  • banking consultant
  • beauty consultant
  • biologist
  • bookkeeper
  • business advisor
  • business owner
  • care aid
  • carpenter
  • certified education assistant
  • chef
  • childcare worker
  • clerk
  • contractor
  • cook
  • counselor
  • credit assistant
  • customer service representative
  • dance instructor
  • daycare operator
  • delivery driver
  • dental hygienist
  • dentist
  • development officer
  • dietician
  • draftsperson
  • driving instructor
  • electrician
  • engraver
  • esthetician
  • executive assistant
  • facilitator
  • farmer
  • financial consultant
  • firefighter
  • first aid attendant
  • fitness instructor
  • forest technician
  • funeral director
  • grant coordinator
  • graphic designer
  • guest services
  • hairstylist
  • health practitioner
  • horse trainer
  • hostess
  • housewife
  • insurance broker
  • interior designer
  • lab technician
  • laborer
  • landscaper
  • laser technician
  • lawyer
  • legal assistant
  • librarian
  • machinist
  • manager
  • map technician
  • marketing consultant
  • massage therapist
  • mechanic
  • media presenter
  • medical office assistant
  • mental health worker
  • mortgage broker
  • mother
  • nail technician
  • nanny
  • naturopathic doctor
  • nurse
  • occupational therapist
  • painter
  • parole officer
  • personal trainer
  • pharmacy technician
  • photographer
  • physiotherapist
  • podiatrist
  • police officer
  • porter
  • probation officer
  • producer
  • professor
  • promotions/events coordinator
  • radiologist
  • realtor
  • realtor assistant
  • receptionist
  • rehab assistant
  • researcher
  • retail consultant
  • sales representative
  • school psychologist
  • secretary
  • security guard
  • social worker
  • sonographer
  • spa practitioner
  • speech/language pathologist
  • student
  • teacher
  • teachers aide
  • technical support representative
  • tour operator
  • traffic coordinator
  • travel consultant
  • truck driver
  • virtual assistant
  • vineyard operator
  • waitress
  • welder
  • wellness consultant
  • writer
  • yoga instructor
  • youth outreach worker


Certified Natural Health Practitioner
Traditional Feng Shui Consultant
Certified Day Spa Practitioner
Registered Aromatherapist
Metaphyisical Consultant
Certifield Reflexologist
Reiki Master





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